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Peter Dixon, Tech Leader and Democratic Candidate for California’s 16th Congressional District, Boldly Breaks Convention with AI-Powered Interactive Voter Voice Calls Powered by Civox

Peter Dixon, Democratic candidate in California’s March 5th, 2024 race for the 16th Congressional District, adopts cutting-edge tech after being ‘floored’ by Civox’s interactive ability to directly articulate positions and fluidly converse with voters. 

February 24th, 2024 Palo Alto, CA | Peter Dixon, a next-generation, democratic candidate for Congress, announced today that his campaign is continuing to set a positive example on the responsible use of AI through a partnership with Civox, the first ever, AI-powered voter voice call platform for political campaigns and causes.

“Silicon Valley deserves a representative in Washington who both understands and uses the technology that will define the next decade,” said Dixon. “We are showing that this technology has arrived and is game-changing —  so we must lead to set the norms for its use in an ethical and conscientious manner. The feedback is tremendous so far.”

Dixon is a founder of a public-benefit, cyber security company. His campaign’s use of political artificial intelligence technology from Civox to power its voice conversations with voters will be the first in the history of California politics.

“Civox technology empowers entrepreneurial campaigns to connect and have meaningful conversations with voters at scale. We’re pleased to be working with the Dixon campaign to bring ground-breaking AI campaign technology to California,” said Ilya Mouzykantskii, CEO and co-founder of Civox.

Dixon, a lifelong public servant who deployed mobile tech to combat violence against women, launched his campaign in December with an AI-powered launch video and has helped establish the responsible use of AI alongside smart regulation by the US Congress and the Pentagon. Raised in the 16th Congressional District, Dixon’s strong record of public service and leadership is rooted in his distinguished military career. As a Marine Corps officer, he led young men and women in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by those fighting for democracy. Dixon went on to spearhead initiatives integrating disruptive technologies into the military and worked to deploy tech to counter cartel violence in Mexico during his tenure at Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dixon co-founded Second Front Systems, a cybersecurity startup that allows game-changing commercial capability from places like Silicon Valley to be used by the U.S. Government. With his extensive experience in the high tech industry, Dixon understands the importance of blending innovation and regulation for the US to continue to lead in an innovation economy. 

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