Peter Dixon for Congress


Defend Democracy

As a Marine veteran who has fought against dictators and extremists overseas, I know firsthand what is at stake when democracy is under attack. Having served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and at the State Department combating cartels and gender-based violence, I will defend our democratic values and institutions here at home. I will support critical legislation to protect voting rights, prevent gerrymandering, improve campaign finance laws, and safeguard our elections from interference. Our democracy is worth fighting for. I did not risk my life abroad only to let our freedoms be taken away here at home. I will be vigilant against all threats foreign and domestic to our Constitution.

Protect Reproductive Rights

The ability to make personal health decisions should not be infringed upon by politicians. Reproductive rights, as a matter of privacy, is one of the freedoms I swore an oath to the Constitution to defend. In Congress, I will be an uncompromising defender of reproductive autonomy and work to codify into law the protections previously guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. I will also expand access to reproductive healthcare services, including contraception, cancer screenings, and prenatal care. We cannot allow an extreme minority to impose their beliefs on others and deny fundamental rights. I trust women and doctors, not politicians, when it comes to reproductive health.

Address Cost of Living

As housing prices skyrocket, too many working families in our community have been priced out of homeownership and the American Dream. We need to be creative – and realistic. My plan to develop thousands of new affordable housing units, supported by federal dollars, on derelict federal land will help restore the dream of homeownership in Silicon Valley. In Congress, I will expand affordable housing, lower childcare costs, and reduce healthcare expenses. The soaring cost of living must be brought under control so that the next generation can afford the American Dream – right here at home.

Adapt to Climate Change

As Californians, we’ve already seen the effects extreme weather has brought to our state. As a parent, I worry deeply about the world we are leaving for our children because of climate inaction. Having witnessed drought and mass migration overseas, I know climate change threatens our national security. In Congress, I will make addressing this crisis a top priority. That means transitioning rapidly to renewable energy, holding corporate polluters accountable, investing in climate-resilient infrastructure, and job training in green careers. The science is clear – bold action is needed now. We must not leave our children a planet ravaged by deadly fires, floods, and famines. Our future depends on meeting this moment with urgency.

Read Peter’s Climate Policy Paper, co-written with Joby Bernstein, another candidate for Congress in the CA-16 race.

End Gun Violence

We must act to end the epidemic of gun violence killing over 100 Americans daily. I stand with the vast majority of Americans who demand comprehensive, common-sense gun reform. I will fight for universal background checks, close loopholes on all firearm sales, enact red flag laws empowering courts to restrict access for individuals at risk of harming themselves or others, work to keep guns away from domestic abusers, and fund public health research on evidence-based solutions to gun violence. As a Marine who carried a weapon of war in combat, I know they don’t belong on America’s streets. Thoughts and prayers are not enough – I will be the leader to make Congress act.

Defend LGBTQI+ Rights

I will work tirelessly to defend the rights of every American regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In high school, I wrote an editorial calling for the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In the Marines, I spoke up for LGBTQI+ Americans who wanted to serve. I will support passage of the Equality Act to provide comprehensive federal LGBTQI+ non-discrimination protections in employment, housing, healthcare, education, and public accommodations. With the right to same-sex marriage under threat by the Supreme Court, I will vigorously defend marriage equality because who you love should not be a legal issue. I will fight for an America where LGBTQI+ individuals can live with dignity and without fear of hate.

Support Innovation

Silicon Valley is one of the country’s economic engines. As a tech-founder and former CEO, I understand first-hand how the ecosystem of capital, ideas, and grit makes this place so special. The company I founded, Second Front Systems, is a cybersecurity company bringing innovation to the federal government. I know that regulation of emerging technologies like AI and blockchain is inevitable and important, but we must get it right. By acting decisively to ensure that we have the smart regulatory frameworks, we will ensure America is at the forefront of these new technologies. By leading on these issues, we will ensure China and Russia aren’t setting the rules of the road. I’m committed to working with industry leaders to create more intelligent regulation that provides the necessary guardrails without unduly hindering the growth of emerging industries.